Welcome to Al-Hind Healthcare Services

Highest level of medical satisfaction you can find through our service.

Our focus is on your overall well being and helping you achieve optimal health. We provide state-of-the-art medical care.

Our Misssion

Our mission is to become the best healthcare service provider company for international patients in india. 

Professionalism in Our company

We are working for the last ten years in the field of medical assistance. We know the smallest details of the requirement of the patients. 

Our Services

Pre Visit Consultation

The patient needs all the details about what to do. We thoroughly examine the medical situation by seeing the medical reports sent by patients to us and thus guide them accordingly.

Medical Advice

We help the patients to identify what kind of treatments a patient needs and which expert doctor is suitable for the treatment.

Language Barrier

We fully understand the language barrier of patients coming from different countries and help them by becoming a medium of interpretation.

Our Partner Hospitals